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Perfect for fully automatic or portafilter machines.

Fellows Blend Espresso is a blend of chocolaty, fruity flavors and a light caramel note, topped with a nutty brown crema.

Our Fellows Blend Café Crème uses premium Arabica beans from Tanzania and Monsooned Robusta beans from India. This blend, specially created for Coffee Fellows, gives the blend its incomparable chocolaty, nutty flavor combined with a slight hint of toffee.

Our Tolima Organic Espresso is a single origin specialty organic coffee, sun-dried and dark roasted. Its distinct caramel, chocolate and vanilla notes come to the fore.


The Café, El Encanto and Sidamo Bio are specialty coffees and as the name suggests, something very special. They are predestined for filter coffee in the pour-over principle, in the French Press or from the fully automatic machine. Cold Brew lovers definitely don't come up short here either.

The Café is an outstanding coffee and is best suited for preparation in a fully automatic machine, as a filter coffee or in the French Press. It contains less acidity, yet offers an intense aroma.

Our El Encanto is a mild and lightly roasted single farm coffee that impresses with fruity notes of nectarine and the subtle taste of cocoa and caramel.

As a single-varietal, certified organic coffee from Ethiopia, our Sidamo organic coffee convinces with strong, fruity-floral aromas of citrus and jasmine, which are carried by a light roast. This coffee will delight even the most demanding palates.



Strong, aromatic and low in acid - enjoy our coffee specialties and find your favorite coffee.


Since 1999, our heart has been beating for simply good coffee. These years of experience shape the outstanding quality of our coffee. Expertise you can taste.


Roasting for more than 12 minutes per batch is particularly gentle on the coffee beans and improves the aroma and taste of the coffee.