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Get warm!

No way grey and dreary!
Make winter your favorite season with our colorful selection of hot winter drinks.

Coffee Drinks

Winter Coffee

Foamed milk I spiced coffee I vanilla syrup


Latte Macchiato I Nut-Nougat-Creme
Cocoa Powder

Winter Wonderland
Latte Macchiato I gingerbread syrup

Coco Choc Macchiato

Latte Macchiato I dark chocolate sauce
coconut syrup I coconut shavings

Sweet & Salty Macchiato

Frappé Latte Macchiato I caramel sauce
saltet caramel syrup I cream

White Hazel Macchiato

Latte Macchiato I white chocolate sauce
hazelnut syrup I cream

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The selection may vary in our coffee shops

Non Coffee Drinks

Apple Pie Latte

Hot foamed milk I applesauce I vanilla syrup
dried apple pieces I cinnamon

Lemon Ginger Booster (vegan)

Hot lemon I ginger slices
mint I cane sugar

Find your Coffee Fellows near you

The selection may vary in our coffee shops

All our drinks are also available decaffeinated, with low-fat or lactose-free milk, oat or soy drink.

Our concept


Every day our drinks and snacks get prepared for you freshly and lovingly handcrafted right in the coffee shop. Anonymous mass production is a foreign word for us.

Less is more

We steadily work on minimising the use of additives in our products. So we can ensure your genuine and safe enjoyment.


We support a conscious nutrition with our great offferings of vegan and vegetarian snacks, sweets and drinks.


The resposible food handling is very important to us. For instance, you drink with us only organic milk and organic tea and eat ASC-certified salmon from sustainable breedings.


A balanced nutrition is easy to manage through our diversified offers of whole grain sandwiches, superfood bowls and fresh juices. In between there may also be something sweet.

Real Bagels

Our bagel rolls are gently steamed and then baked. This makes our bagels soft and gives them the true bagel taste.